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The Hospital of Central Finland is moving to a new building, Hospital Nova of Central Finland mainly on 19.1.2021. We are translating the new website for the Hospital Nova also in English as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you need to contact us or seek for medical assistance, please follow the guidelines on the old website and follow the directions given by the health care professionals.

  • The Emergency Clinic will serve patients requiring immediate care in Hospital Nova on 19.1.2021 from 8am on. The door of the Emergency Clinic is located next to the main door Nova 1.
  • Delivery ward will serve patients giving birth in Hospital Nova on 19.1.2021 from 7.30am on. The door closest to the Delivery Ward is Nova 2.

The address of the Hospital Nova of Central Finland is Hoitajantie 3. Check the location on Google Maps.

We kindly ask you to avoid any unnecessary visits to the hospital area on 19.1.2021. The hospital area will be supervised during the moving day and people without proper reasons to visit the hospital will be guided away. If possible, please give the unit a call before arriving and follow the directions.