Arriving to hospital


Hospital Nova of Central Finland is located in the Kukkumäki area in Jyväskylä. The visiting address is Hoitajantie 3. The hospital is easy to reach both on foot and by bike, car, or bus. Please leave your bike in the bike parking area right next to the entrance. Cars should be parked either in the parking hall or designated parking spaces outside the hospital. Jyväskylä public transport services have adjusted their routes and schedules to serve hospital visitors close to the entrances.

Entrances and check-in

Our new hospital has two separate main entrances called Nova 1 and Nova 2. The entrance to the emergency clinic is located next to the Nova 1 entrance, and it is meant only for people visiting the emergency clinic. If you are not visiting the emergency clinic, please use one of the main entrances.

● Nova 1 entrance is located on the Länsiväylä side of the building, and it leads to the first floor and main hall of the hospital.

● Nova 2 entrance is located on the Hoitajantie/Kukkumäentie side of the building, and it leads to the second floor of Hospital Nova.

Choose your entrance based on the unit you are visiting. You will find the information on your invitation or referral letter.


By the entrances, you will find self-service check-in kiosks that help you find the correct waiting area. If you are in the wrong part of the hospital, the kiosk will inform you and guide you to the correct part. From the kiosks, you can also print out instructions on how to find your destination. Our staff is happy to help you with both using the kiosks and finding your route.

Near the Nova 1 entrance, you will also find an info desk where you can ask for more information or instructions. Sairaala Nova's info desc is open from Monday to Friday at 6.30–16.00.

For more information on how to check in, see here.

Booking a taxi

You will find taxi stands right outside Hospital Nova. If you need help with booking a taxi, our staff in either the unit you are visiting or at the info desk in the main hall is happy to help you.

Kela-reimbursed taxi

Kela-reimpursed taxi has to be booked from a provider that has contract with Kela. In Central Finland Health Care District area, Kela-reimbursed taxis should be booked from 1.1.2022 onwards either from Taksi Helsinki Oy (0800 414 608) or Menevä Oy (0800 021 83). You are free to choose between them. 

Kela-reimbursed taxis are meant for journeys that are necessary because of health reasons or difficult travel arrangements. Calls to the numbers are free of charge.

You can book a taxi straight away, when you know the time you will need the ride. Book the ride latest the previous day by 14.00. If there are any changes, call the same number where you booked the ride. There can be other travellers in the same ride. 

When you wish to book a taxi, you will be asked the following information:

  • your reason for needing a taxi (health status or challenging travel arrangements)
  • your name and personal identity code
  • your pick-up address
  • your destination (e.g. hospital)
  • latest possible time of arrival at the place of treatment
  • any assistive devices you use and whether you need to stop at a pharmacy
  • any person accompanying you
  • the phone number where you can be reached.

For journeys booked from the numbers above, you will pay the copayment of max. 25,00 € for each one-way trip. 

Please note that if you book your taxi in any other way, Kela won’t be able to reimburse you for the trip.

Certificate for the reimbursement of travel expenses

If the patient’s health requires using a taxi, a medical professional can give them a certificate for the reimbursement of travel expenses (Kela form SV 67) either for a one-way trip, for a certain time period, or until further notice.

If you get a certificate for a one-way trip, please keep it as Kela may ask to see it later. If the certificate is for a time period or until further notice, please submit the form to Kela. If you have sent the long-term certificate to Kela, you do not need separate certificates for your trips to health care providers or Kela-approved rehabilitation.

For trips to private health care providers, you can only get a reimbursement certificate if the treatment or examination is covered by the Health Insurance Act.

Nearest taxi, local taxi, or a familiar taxi

Usually, the dispatch centre will book you the closest possible taxi for your journey. The right to a familiar taxi is restricted to people entitled to intensive medical rehabilitation by Kela, and children under 16 who are travelling alone.

More information

For more information on how to book a Kela-reimbursed taxi, see the Kela website.