On this page, you will find all the maps of the Hospital Nova area. First, you’ll find a list of outside area maps, and after that the floor maps with different units.

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Outside area maps

Hospital Nova area map

In this map, you’ll find the visitor car parking spaces, bike parking spaces, taxi stands, bus stops, and entrances.

Hospital Nova entrances on a map

In this map, you’ll find the Hospital Nova entrances Nova 1 and Nova 2, and the emergency clinic entrance that is meant only for people visiting the emergency clinic.

Hospital Nova Emergency Clinic entrance

In this map, you’ll find the entrance to the emergency clinic. Please note that this entrance is meant only for people visiting the emergency clinic.

F-buildings and building 45 on a map

Some services (administration services mostly) are still found in the buildings of the former central hospital. On this map you can see where F1 and F2 buildings among building 45 are located in the hospital area. 

Please note that all patients and customers should always check in for their appointment using the self-service check-in kiosks, and follow the instructions from the kiosk to find their destination. The information on which entrance and check-in kiosk to use can be found on your invitation of referral letter. We have placed info screens to help you find your way, and our staff is happy to help you at the info desk located in the main hall close to the Nova 1 entrance.

Customers and patients are served on floors 1-3 and 5-7 of the hospital.