How did we do?

You can give us feedback focused on your treatment and care, how your situation was handled, or any other things you have on your mind. You can also give us feedback on other hospital related issues, such as signs, traffic arrangements, the website, or communications.

Customers or their family members can leave feedback or wishes either during or after their visit to the hospital. All feedback is handled in a strictly confidential matter in the unit it concerns.

We use the feedback we receive to develop and monitor the quality of our work. Through feedback, we gain insight into the mindset and priorities of our customers.

Feedback process in Hospital Nova

New feedback - Responding to feedback - Monitoring and developing procedures - Assessing and monitoring the development and changes

Many ways to give feedback

On our website, you’ll find an online feedback form where you can give us feedback on how your visit to the hospital went. You can get a paper copy of the form from all of our units.

Some of our units use SMS feedback services. You will receive a text message the day after your visit, or the day after you are discharged from the hospital. Some of our units are equipped with a tablet device you can use to give us feedback during and/or after your stay.

After childbirth, we invite all families to fill out a specific feedback form on the quality of care they received at the maternity hospital. You will find the  maternity hospital feedback form here (available in English). Participation in the survey is anonymous and all answers are handled confidentially.

You are always welcome to leave your feedback to the staff in the unit that you have visited. You’ll find the contact information from the Units page on our website.

Incident report

If a patient or their family member feels they have experienced an patient safety incident, they can fill out an incident report either on a paper form available in all of our units, or online (available only in Finnish for now).