Center Of Medical Expertise

Center of Medical Expertise provides excellent equipment and training programs as well as pedagogical support to strengthen the professional competence of doctors and nurses in the province in the initial and in-service training phase.
Strengthening staff competence increases patient safety and efficiency in clinical work. Competent and motivated personnel enjoy their work and actively develop their own skills as well as work processes.

Unique simulators and training courses

Training activities focus on the practice of clinical skills, simulation learning and the design and implementation of training programs that support professional growth. Educators receive pedagogic support and, in collaboration with them, structured training models suitable for on-the-job learning in healthcare are designed. The center´s develepoment work has a strong foundation in research and makes use of a wide range of proven practises.

Sappikurssi Versatile training programs

The education and training programs that arise from the needs of the province's primary health care, special nursing and partly social work are implemented in a variety of ways. The Center provides training for specialists, doctors in specialist training in general medicine, medical departments, multi-professional emergency medicine teams, nursing staff and doctors working in the region´s health care clinics. Where possible, training courses will also be offered to clients outside the hospital district.

Our training programs and courses

  • Laparoscopic surgery (for surgeons and gynecologists)
  • Endoscopy procedures (bronchoscopy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy)
  • Opthalmic surgery
  • Cardiac and abdominal ultrasound
  • Childbirth simulations (including emergency cesarean section team trainging)
  • Resuscitation
  • Acute care
  • Minor procedures (i.e. suturation, cannulation etc.)
  • Multiprofessional simulations (e.g. traumateams, emergency cesarean sections, newborn resuscitation)

Accredited skills center

UEMS Nasce

The Center has received an international quality certificate from the European Skills and Simulation Training Network (NASCE, The Center of Medical Expertise is the only NASCE accredited skills center in Finland.


The Network of Accredited Clinical Skills Centres in Europe (NASCE) is established as a Multidisciplinary Joint Committee (MJC) of the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS) and follows UEMS statutes, rules and directives. It is open to members of any Section of the UEMS wishing to participate. The Sections are participating in the MJC as equal partners.


The Multidisciplinary Joint Committee manages the interests of NASCE and promotes individual, inter-professional and multidisciplinary clinical skills education. The primary aim is to certify the highest standards of education for surgeons, physicians and other learners in order to promote patient safety. In addition to that the MJC aims to advance the science of clinical education, training, and assessment.