The Hospital Nova Labor Unit is open 24 hours a day.

When to contact or visit the hospital immediately

Are you unsure of whether you should come to the hospital? Below, you’ll find a list of situations when you should come and visit the hospital. Please remember that you can always call the on-call midwife, tel. +358 14 269 1204.

If your waters break, or you experience painful contractions that increase in frequency, come to the hospital immediately if:

  • the amniotic fluid is green or has blood in it,
  • you are less than 37 weeks pregnant,
  • your baby is in breech position,
  • you’re expecting twins.

If you experience abnormal bleeding or pain, come to the hospital immediately if:

  • the pain is constant, or you notice bright red bleeding (please note that mucus discharge with some blood in it is normal in late pregnancy),
  • the pain is constant and severe, and/or bleeding is heavy → call an ambulance,
  • the pain is severe and you feel the need to push → call an ambulance.

If you experience sudden symptoms, contact the hospital if:

  • you feel your baby is not moving normally,
  • you experience severe headache, blurred vision, or pain in your upper stomach,
  • you experience severe itch on your palms, soles of your feet, or stomach.

Hospital Nova is a baby-friendly hospital. This means that we invite and encourage parents to take an active role in the baby care during their hospital stay.