Fimlab Laboratory

Versatile laboratory services for all of us

The laboratory services in the Central Finland Health Care District are operated by Fimlab Laboratoriot Oy Ltd. Fimlab has nearly 30 locations in Central Finland. The shortest route to the Hospital Nova laboratory is through the Nova 2 entrance (see the maps on the Maps section on our website). For all locations and their opening hours, see the Fimlab website.

Sample collection

The Central Finland Central Hospital laboratory is located on the first floor of Hospital Nova, right next to the main hallway. The laboratory is open Mon–Fri at 8–15.

Hospital Nova offers you very versatile sample collection services. For more information on the services available in specific locations, please go to the Fimlab website, choose your location, and press the “varaa aika” button (the booking system is available in English).

Preparing for sample collection

The preparations required for sample collection depend on the type of sample you’re taking. Please check the Fimlab website for more information.

OmaLabra – no referral needed

Some health monitoring check-ups can be taken without a doctor’s referral. For more information on OmaLabra, see here.

Booking, queueing, or fast track?

Book an appointment

For Fimlab laboratory services, we recommend that you book your appointment. By booking an appointment, you can skip the queue. Please note that booking is always required for the following services: glucose tolerance test, gynecological samples, STD samples, and fungal infection tests.

Book your appointment online or by phone, tel. 010 808 515 (Mon–Fri at 7–18).

You can cancel your appointment using the code from your electronic confirmation letter, or by calling the appointment booking number, tel. 010 808 515 (Mon–Fri at 7–18).

Queue number

When visiting either the Central Hospital laboratory in Hospital Nova, or the Jyväskylä Sample Collection Centre on Telefoonikuja, you can also take a queue number (for blood samples and EKG).

If your referral is marked as urgent, you are picking up equipment for taking a home sample, or you are returning a home sample, you can take a queue number in all locations.

Nopsa fast track

The Nopsa fast track operated by Fimlab is an easy way to get your laboratory tests done – no booking or queue numbers required! For more information on Nopsa, see here.

In Central Finland, Nopsa fast track is available in the Central Hospital laboratory in Hospital Nova, and the Sample Collection Centre on Telefoonikuja.

At the laboratory

Please remember to check in when you arrive at the laboratory. The check-in kiosk is used for all laboratory services, both with or without an appointment. If you are using the Nopsa fast track service, checking in is not needed.

To check in, please use the barcode on your ID card (eg. Kela card or driver’s licence), or type in your personal identity code and the booking key code from your confirmation letter. The screen will then show you your scheduled appointment and a service number the nurse will use to call you in. The check-in kiosk will also print out the information for you. On the walls in our biggest locations, you’ll also find screens with the service numbers.

NOTE. The self-service check-in kiosks for laboratory services are located in the waiting room of the laboratory. Please note that the rest of the check-in kiosks in Hospital Nova cannot be used for this purpose.

Questions? Contact Fimlab customer service

The Fimlab customer service provides help Mon–Fri at 8–16, tel. +358 3 311 74445. Customer service can help you with all your laboratory-related questions. Please note that this number cannot be used for booking appointments, or inquiries about test results.

For frequently asked questions, see here.